The Irish government is set to grant financial assistance to businesses interested in the adoption of solar PV panels. These grants will vary in value, starting at €2,700 and reaching as high as €162,500 to facilitate the installation of solar panels and the accompanying infrastructure. Minister for Environment and leader of the Green Party, Eamon Ryan, is scheduled to present a proposal for this initiative to the Cabinet on Tuesday, in collaboration with Minister for Enterprise, Simon Coveney.

This plan outlines a structured grant system that aims to broaden the range of support available to businesses intending to deploy solar panels. The grants will be available for non-residential commercial and public sector buildings, enabling them to receive financial support ranging from €2,700 to €162,500 to facilitate the installation of solar panels and the necessary infrastructure.

According to a government insider, the primary objective is to encourage installations in smaller businesses. This means that the program will accommodate lower-output systems suitable for premises like those used by solicitors or dentists, all the way up to larger systems with a capacity of up to 1MW, which could be affixed to establishments such as pharmaceutical plants or large retail outlets.

Initially, this scheme is scheduled to be operational until the conclusion of 2025, but there’s the potential for extensions. In contrast to previous practices where grants for solar panels were limited to an extent allowing approximately 16 panels to be installed, a structure better suited for residential properties and farms, the new program aims to offer support for a wider range of businesses and system sizes.

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